Postgresql-14 Installation on Centos 7

yum -y install

yum -y update
Confirm the list of enabled repositories.
sudo yum repolist
Check to see if PostgreSQL 14 packages are available on the repository.
yum search postgresql14
Now install PostgreSQL 14 packages on your CentOS 7.
yum -y install postgresql14 postgresql14-server
After fresh installation of PostgreSQL 14 on CentOS 7 initialization is required.
/usr/pgsql-14/bin/postgresql-14-setup initdb
Start the PostgreSQL database service.
systemctl start postgresql-14
Check the service status to confirm it is running.
systemctl status postgresql-14
Enable the service to start when the system is reboted.
systemctl enable postgresql-14
Update the PostgreSQL admin user password.
su - postgres
psql -c "alter user postgres with password 'StrongDBPassword'"